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Meet the Crew


The Pagosa Adventure family has been in the Pagosa area since the mid-1980s. A love of adventure and the passion to share it with others is what guides our crew.

Cody Myers

While not born and raised in Colorado, Cody got here as soon as he could. He spent his childhood outside of Fort Worth in Aledo, Texas where his days were spent playing sports. After Graduating from Texas Tech with a Bachelor's in business and later Texas Christian University with a Master's in geology, Cody knew his true love was outdoor adventures. Cody is a F.A.A. licensed commecial hot air balloon pilot, and hot air balloon pilot instructor. Cody also is a certified raft guide and guide instructor.  His passion is enjoying adventures and sharing the beautiful outdoors with new and old friends alike. When not ballooning or rafting Cody enjoys playing clue with his kids, skiing, playing guitar, riding dirt bikes, traveling, and reading. His most thrilling adventure happened rafting when he came upon a group of mountain lions drinking from the river. His specialty at Pagosa Adventure is lifting the heavy things! His 

Cody's favorites in Pagosa.

Restaurant: For breakfast The Peak, otherwise Chavolos

Relaxation: Overlook Hot Springs

Bar: Coyote Moon

Ski Rental: Pagosa Ski

Ski run: Shambala

Hiking trail: Piedra Falls

Scenic drive: Plumtah Road


Marissa Myers

A true local to the area, Marissa was born and raised in Pagosa Springs. With both parents owning hot air balloon adventure companies she was exposed to flying since birth, which has instilled a passion for the art of ascension. Marissa's dreams took off after retiring from the field of nursing to pursue a career as a business owner and pilot. Her passion is sharing happiness with people and this is the perfect opportunity for that! As a young girl Marissa renamed Pagosa Peak "My Mountain", she aspired to have a twenty-hundred (children speak) acre horse ranch and fly her helicopter to and from Pagosa daily for work. Dreams have become a reality as the flight has become a daily activity for her and Cody. When Marissa is not busy with Pagosa Adventure she enjoys, spending time with their three children, hiking, boating, snowboarding, and traveling. Marissa's specialty at Pagosa Adventure is ensuring an amazing experience for each and every passenger!

Marissa's favorites in Pagosa

Restaurant: The Alley House

Relaxation: Amber's Alchemy- amazing massages

Bar: Coyote Moon

Ski Rental: Pagosa Ski

Ski run: Summer Day

Hiking trail: Pagosa Peak

Scenic drive: Pagosa Juction


Nick Reinsch 
Crew Chief for Cody 

Fleet Manager


Nick moved to southwest Colorado in 1996 after growing up in Chicagoland area. After Nick's first balloon adventure he knew ballooning was a way of life for him. He has been ground crew for many balloons across the southwest area and has been a professional Crew Chief for nearly a decade. Nick loves to travel and balloon, and balloon rallies  marries both of these passions. Nick  joined the team during a balloon event in Farmington, New Mexico and has since become invaluable. He is an essential member at Pagosa Adventure with his specialty being Pagosa Adventure's fleet manager. Making sure all equipment is in safe and running order. Nick's ability to fix anything and willingness to do what needs to be done is critical to our operations. As a skilled mechanic, welder and general fabricator everything that needs to be taken care of is taken care of by Nick.  Nick has recently taken his love of flight to the next level and become a student pilot!

Nick's favorites in Pagosa

Restaurant: Mountain Pizza 

Relaxation: The Springs

Bar: Pagosa Bar

Ski Rental: -

Ski run: Are you kidding me? 

Hiking trail: Anywhere in the mountains

Scenic drive: Vallecito Lake Northwest of Pagosa.


Chase Crew  

Denise Santille is one of our newer crew members.  She came to us as a fan/follower, and a lover of all things Balloons!  

Denise is a native of New York, came to Colorado in the late 80's, and has been an avid follower of Balloon events, dragging her husband and 3 children near and far for the pure joy of the colorful spectacles.

A lover of the great outdoors, and a desire for fun, laughter and a great hobby led Denise straight to us!!  

Denise's Specialty with Pagosa Adventure is making sure the guests have the best, organized, time of their lives!

Julian, 16

Julian enjoys spending their days on their grandparent's ranch riding horses. They are also an avid hunter. During the winter Julian dreams of riding their snowmobile every day. When they grow up they want to work on a ranch.


Addy, 11


Jaiden, 17

Jaiden, the oldest of the adventure kids, is keen to lead the way. From rafting to flying Jaiden enjoys all adventures. When not on the river or in the sky Jaiden loves to fish, hunt, and ride his snow machine. When he grows up he wants to be a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Addy is an adventure seeker at heart, she is always up for something new. During the summer she can be found in or near water and during our winter months, she spends every second skiing she can. When she grows up she wants to be a marine biologist.

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